What is it all about?

Creator Space is all about collaboration - it is the BASF Co-creation and Open Innovation program.

Connected people learn from each other and create ideas and solutions. Creator Space is connecting people and ideas around the globe. The aim is to enhance organisational knowledge processes by involving the external relevant public in the creation of meaning and value. Co-creation blurs the boundaries of the firm by ‘outsourcing’ innovation and value creation to "the customer." It thus transforms the consumer into an active partner for the creation of future value.

Creator Space online is just one element of the program which lets you join industry experts in sharing, debating and innovating toward tangible solutions to key economic, environmental and societal challenges as well as informs you how to participate in other elements of Creator Space.  


BASF celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2015. Creator Space™, the BASF Co-creation program, was the name of the adventure marking the jubilee. Many employees, but also external experts worldwide took part in it. Lots of them spoke to documentary film maker Thomas Grube about their thoughts, fears and hopes. The following film gives a short glimpse on what happened during our big anniversary in 2015.

About Creator Space™



Connected chemical elements are the key of life. Connected people learn from each other and create ideas and solutions. New chemical connections are enablers for solutions that make our lives better and help solve life’s challenges. BASF connects people and ideas around the globe. This co-creation program is called Creator Space.  

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Documentary Film



A documentary film will capture some of the most interesting, beautiful and emotional moments of Creator Space.The prize-winning director, Thomas Grube, attended important activities around the world.

The film will be available in summer of 2016. But even before that, you will be able to see video clips, interviews and shortfilms here on Creator Space.

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