A year-long lab

Kurt Bock

Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE

We launched this online conversation in September to prepare for our 150th anniversary in 2015. Since then, employees and external partners have been asking me what the site is all about, if they should get involved and what the benefits are. I see Creator Space online as an experiment of sorts. It’s part of a year-long lab that aims to connect people, materials and ideas to co-create solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges. During our anniversary year, these connections will be made here, online, as well as at dozens of collaboration events around the globe.

Take access to sufficient water in today’s megacities: The BASF team in Mumbai will connect people around this challenge during a week-long celebration and co-creation program in January. Before and during the program, we will be soliciting your insights and ideas on this topic here at Creator Space online. Why? Einstein is often quoted as saying that understanding the problem is the key to finding a solution. That’s where you come in: You may help us and our partners understand the water challenge from many different perspectives: A user, an engineer, a water expert, an NGO or a member of the municipal authority.

Our anniversary co-creation enterprise is about solving societal challenges, but it’s also about business, it’s about making our innovation pipeline more relevant for users. This will be key for 21st century innovation. In the last century, BASF pioneered industrial R&D and built up engineering competence that enabled mass production of scientific breakthroughs. But the successful innovation labs and industrial production sites of the future century will look very different from those of the past. The new labs will need to be connected to technology and societal trends in almost real time. And they will need to find creative ways to tap the growing universe of high-quality social networks that will enable us to bring together diverse, insightful people from around the globe.

I invite you to participate and follow our anniversary experiment, here online, or at one of our many events worldwide next year. 

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  • Thanks to all BASF team for this « again » very good idea and "collective experience", which is all at one time a fantastic social, business and « customer » oriented, project ! As being in charge and involved into French studies and discussions initiated by construction, public works and BOT companies about new purchase decision process in Europe : I am convinced than co-creation is an adapted new opportunity for BASF for increasing its institutional and commercial setting and strategic image, especially in western countries. And very enthusiastic about this. In fact these current studies show interesting trends regarding innovation and development possibilities of major companies, all unfairly considered sometimes more or less as antiquated polluting industries, and qualified as « non modern » players. And I would like to share with you some of these results, in order to co-create new solutions to these issues. First of all, the studies show that the new drivers of customers in europe seem to be connected with the question of « modernity » and with the « new modern man/woman » needs. It demonstrates that european customers and consumers are swamped with industrial product offers, pushing business technicity, diversity and services, and environmental values as a standard ; and are more interested in « living a sensitive innovative experience » through a « brand company » offering high-quality products and services, than in innovative products themselves. Differenciation in our high competitive world appear to be possible with the condition of proposing an experience, transfered into collective actions integrating 4 MODERN values like : - The feeling of discovering and traveling in all steps of the purchase process, - the transfert of Social-economic Innovation into real visible adapted pilote projects, - the access to sensitive and « fab-LAB » experiences, in where the customer is an « active » player/editor/creator of a new product’s model, and finaly : - the local solidarity of a company, as its ability to be involved in local projects pushing modern resources like smart-city, ITs Startup’s network, local creation and artists. If interested, I will be happy to develop the context and content of these studies performed in France. Nathalie JORDY 0033650590963, based in France